Sunday, April 25, 2004

A GREAT WAY TO MEET NORMAL PEOPLE: George Michael has told Attitude magazine that the reason he went cruising was because it was the only way he could meet "ordinary" people (although between the leaders of the Welsh Assembly and Hollywood actors doing the same thing, it's questionable exactly how ordinary the people you're going to be running into will be.) "It kept my feet on the ground" explains George - we think he means metaphorically rather than just that he likes it standing up - "and it meant I was constantly meeting ordinary people. How else could I have done that, in a weird way? And be on their level?" Well, George, if you really needed to rub shoulders with the commoners, and none of your gardeners or cleaners were about, you could have caught a bus, or gone for a pint in a pub. The advantage then would have been you could even have had a conversation with the "ordinary" types - not so easy when you've got your mouth full.

The pity of it is that George doesn't need to build this whole 'it keeps me in touch with my roots' schtick - you did it, George, not to keep in touch with the stout yeomen of Britain, you did it because you enjoyed having your cock sucked by complete strangers out in the open. There's nothing wrong with that - everybody's got to have a hobby - so why pissabout trying to make it something that its not?

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