Monday, April 26, 2004

JIM CARREY FOR WILLIAM REES-MOGG?: For some reason, HBO have commissioned a film version of the Rolling Stones 1967 drug trial - which is like looking at the career of Ernest Shackleton and choosing to focus not on the climbing bit, but the time he had to rush back to move his car from an expired parking meter before a traffic warden got there; it's interesting in an anecdotey way but we're not entirely sure it's going to be full enough of dramatic tension to sustain a movie. They have booked Nigel Havers to play his own Dad, though, but it's the casting for this fellow which is really going to be most fun:

Sir William - now Lord - Rees-Mogg

William Rees-Mogg was editor of the Times at the time, and it was he who penned the famous 'Who Crushes a Butterfly on a Wheel' editorial. This was back when the Times was a proper newspaper rather than part of an entertainment company, as well. In fact, we're guessing that the movie will wind up being called ' Butterfly on a wheel', although because everyone's considered to need to have everything spelled out for them these days, it'll be subtitled 'The Rolling Stones On Trial.'

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