Wednesday, April 21, 2004

WHO THE RUDDY CHUFF IS MICHAEL BUBLE?: A question we asked when we were talking about his trumpet. Jana from Radio One in Prague fills in the background:

as for "We don't really know who Michael Buble is (and, to be honest, he sounds like a grade-a chump)"
Well he is so boring this is no surprise. Pop singer, no hits, no recognizable voice, even no interesting stories, looks, no anything. Cannot imagine why someone listens to him. JXL aka junkie xl recently remixed a single of his. the record company that is releasing it told me that junkie xl can be called this (as he was when he was trying to become a dance music star) whereas when the same junkie xl remixed elvis he had to call himself only jxl as elvis family did not want the word "junkie" "connected to elvis. hehehe

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