Wednesday, May 05, 2004

AFRICA, YOUR PROBLEMS ARE OVER: You can say what you like about Thatcher, you know, but at least in her defence, while she fucked the British coal, steel, electricity, gas, oil, telecoms and airport industries, ruined the NHS and education systems, bungled us into a Falklands War that could have been avoided, prolonged the Northern Ireland troubles by a generation and couldn't deliver a funny line to save her life, at least she never put Bono in charge of anything. Blair, on the other hand, really does seem to be about to ask him to in some way "head up" his Africa initiative. We know it's just a spot of political stunt casting, but it's rubbish: Blair obviously thinks it'll impress the Kids (what next, eh? - Jimmy Young at Transport?), but if we were in Africa hoping for some help from the west and we discovered the British Prime Minister treated us with such little sympathy he'd pull someone off Top of the Pops to help, we'd be a bit pissed off.

It's just lucky Geri was busy, eh?

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