Friday, May 07, 2004

AND THEN CHRISTINA CAME OUT WEARING THE VERY SAME DRESS: Hey, the fact that Christina Milian went away and then came back looking exactly like she'd stolen Beyonce's dry cleaning is just a coincidence, right? It's not like she's copied or anything - the very idea:

There are a lot of comparisons. We're all the same age - obviously it's Beyonce right now because I've lightened my hair, but I personally just did it for a change. Last year I was getting bored and it helped with my film career as well just lightening it so I've got it like this right now, I'm gonna change it a little later on. You know, the comparisons are nice at the same time because I admire those girls and they're all doing their things."

Yes, Christina, they're doing their things. And now you're doing their things, too.

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