Tuesday, May 04, 2004

BANDS WHO BLOG: First, the bad news: Limp Bizkit aren't breaking up. Fred Durst says anyone who says they are is a moron and if destroyed still true. Actually, since the departure of Wes, Limp have been little more than Fred Durst's pull-along-ego on wheels, it'd be kind of tricky for them to break up anyway, wouldn't it?

Now, the good news: Fred Durst has got a blog. It's called American Alien - cuz, like, y'know, he's American but he's so, like, other? And it's like he's some kind of outsider, yeah? Because y'know how strange it is that he doesn't buy his clothes in the same stores as everyone else?

Actually, we were surprised to see that he was playing Loveless by the Valentines last time he posted - although we didn't think anyone of his age would be listening to the sort of stuff his band makes unless they were being paid, but the real gems are in Fred's Thoughts:

i am fascinated with russia. this is masha [picture of a woman], she is from russia. very cool

as the evening falls i slowly become a shadow within a shadow and lose my ability to rise above any fears or concerns i may have buried throughout my day

i had such a beautiful day with my son. it must be cool for him to have a dad this is definitely still a child at heart. i look into his eyes and they are so innocent. he is not damaged from the outside world yet. it just boggles my mind to think of this eventually changing as he gets older. we are all a perfect example of that

There's a lot about how sad he is. Even when he's happy, he's sad. And when he's sad, he's even more sad inside. Inside the inner sadness, he's sadder than you could possibly imagine.

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