Thursday, May 20, 2004

BRITNEY TEARS: (That's as in 'rhymes with Spears' and not a suggestion that any part of her is ripped). Thanks to our mysterious tip-off for prompting us to bring you the Britney flees end of German gig in tears story. We did wonder if it was just being barked up that she must have been in tears because she left straight after the gig. See, that much we can understand - we've spent too much time backstage after gigs, and generally it's pretty dull, and we've never quite got why so much is made of people hanging out for hours after they've finished work. After all, when a bloke comes to fix your boiler, when he's done it, he goes home - he doesn't sit around in your kitchen for hours with a couple of other boiler-fixers talking about his jobs for tomorrow, does he?

But it does seem that she did blub a bit:

In other Britney news, some of the gossip sites believe they've cracked the mysterious "I have done what Janet's done" code of her recent interview, extrapolating that it was Britney's way of telling us with a wink that she's had some girl on girl fun. If you listen, what you hear is not cicadas, but people typing "Britney Spears Lesbian" into Google with even more determination.

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