Monday, May 24, 2004

COULD HELPING SAVE LIVES BE THE KILLER AP FOR LEGAL DOWNLOADING?: - in other words, Oxfam is following War Child in planning a charity-branded download site. The managing director of BMG publishing, Paul Curran, is delighted that Oxfam is doing these good works:

"It has been a privilege to have been involved in helping to broaden the reach of the campaign harnessing the power of music to spread this simple message.
In doing so Oxfam are in the unique position of also assisting the music industry in these challenging times to show the music fan that legitimate downloads with the added value of exclusive content can be found online and in so doing also raise money in support of the charity."

You know what? I bet he actually would consider pushing the record company's interests to be more important than the helping the starving stuff that Oxfam does.

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