Friday, May 28, 2004

GIRLS ON THEIR OWN: Girls Aloud have decided that they're not going to date no more, not while they have the band to concentrate on (so, that's no sex before the end of June, then), according to this quote from Cheryl Tweedy:

"We're not even thinking about men now - we've got each other and that's enough for us. Everyone thinks you need to be going out with a man to have a good time, but that's rubbish. We feel like the girls in Sex and The City - but without the sex. We're strong and independent and are doing just fine without blokes."

Er, so that's like a series about women defined almost entirely by their relationships with men, except without any of relationships? I'll be HBO are kicking themselves they never thought of that. But Cheryl has more to say:

"When we go out, we're going out to dance and not to look for men," says Cheryl.

Well, yes, Cheryl; you're certainly known for not letting men distract you when you're out on the town. Nothing comes between you and the soft flesh of the toilet attendant, does it?

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