Friday, May 28, 2004

WORSE THAN VOLDEMORT: Daniel Radcliffe is running scared of Josh Homme now, after mentioning that he has the hots for Brody dalle while on Conan O'Brien:

"She's hot in that 'I haven't slept in days way.' I'm kind of scared of saying it because Josh Homme is like her boyfriend... and he hit a guy in a bar for talking to her, and so now I'm kinda scared he's gonna hunt me down for saying this on TV. He's a big guy."

Daniel could hope that Josh won't hit people who wear glasses (although that's a thing I've never quite understood - what differemnce does that make? Is it unfair to hit someone who might not be able to work out quite who it is attacking him? Do contacts carry the same sort of protection?), although, of course, he doesn't actually wear glasses anyway. Oh.

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