Friday, May 28, 2004

THAT'LL MAKE THE BUILDERS IN ATHENS PULL THEIR FINGERS OUT: Oh, God - have you seen the tracklisting for the Olympic Album? Oh god, it makes you wish they'd just got the discuss throwers together to bellow out a cover of That's Living Alright and had done with. It's called Unity, and it's going to be followed by Harmony (the classical one) and Phos (the Greek one). But let's just focus on Unity:

1, Avril Lavigne 'Knocking On Heavens Door'
2, Destiny's Child - Will I Am 'I Know'
3, Timbaland - Utada - Kiley Dean 'By Your Side'
4, Tiziano Ferro - Jamelia 'Universal Prayer'
5, Sting - Mariza 'A Thousand Years'
6, Beres Hammond - Les Nubians 'Going All The Way'
7, Mr G 'Issues'
8, Earth Wind & Fire - Roots Manuva 'Love Together'
9, Wayne Wonder - Neneh Cherry 'Eyes On the Prize'
10, Lenny Kravitz - Kadim Al Sahir 'We Want Peace'
11, Macy Gray - Keziah Jones 'Oh Yeah'
12, Moby - Public Enemy 'MKLFKWR'
13, Alice Cooper - Xzibit 'Stand'
14, Grönemeyer - Cheb Mami - Dalaras 'Everlasting'
15, Brian Eno - Skin - Rachid Taha 'Still Standing'
16, Trevor Horn - Yiannis - Tarkan - Katia 'Pass The Flame'

You'll notice that most of the tracks are bringing together acts who've never worked together before. Now, it seems to us there's a good reason why, say, Alice Cooper and Xibit or Moby and Public Enemy haven't felt the need to work together before: it's a rubbish idea. Even more interesting is that Avril clearly was like the wheezy boy when choosing teams for basketball - nobody wanted to play with her. We wonder if the spectacularly inappropriate Knockin' On Heaven's Door cover was her idea, or if there's someone quite that stupid elsewhere on the projects.

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