Monday, May 17, 2004

HE LIKES A BIT OF READING ON THE SUBWAY HOME: Some interesting nuggets from Remember the 80s this week - Andy Bell (the one from Erasure, not the one from Oasis) is due to release an autobiography in time for Christmas, and a solo album, and on top of that there's going to be more Erasure stuff; Nik Kershaw is on the point of bringing us two new albums (well, one's only new-ish, greatest hits plus new stuff) and A-Ha have signed a three-album deal in Germany, with worldwide aspirations. Although chances are it might be as rubbish as Cry Wolf. Morten might be able to buy a decent amp for his vocals now:

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Pierre said...

I'll let you know that A-Ha never stopped making music. Their latest album has been released in 2002 and was particularly good. Probably the best thing they've done since the great days of 'Scoundrel Days'. Yes, the album on which Cry Wold appeared. I wholeheartedly agree that it was an average single but the album as a whole was great. The Weight of the Wind, Scoundrel Days, Soft Rains of April,... all great songs.

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