Sunday, May 30, 2004

I THINK SHE SAID TO USE EGGS AS A WEAPON: Got to love the good people at Energizer, who've realised that years and years of gig-going has tunred the first and second generations of rock fans into deaf-as-a-post old geezers. So they're pitching a campaign directly at them to get them to buy more, um, hearing aid batteries, calling in Pat Benatar to try and make hearing aids "hip" (although, of course, Morrissey might have been a better fit). The thinking is - no, seriously - that if the baby boomers are happy to buy eyeglasses, they can be persuaded to have a go with hearing aids, too. Pat doesn't, apparently, wear a hearing aid at all, which makes her a curious choice to run with for the campaign - kind of like trying to sell those disabled buggies by having Linford Christie racing about saying "look! I've got great legs... but you might need a buggy..."

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