Thursday, May 06, 2004

"IT'S A SHIT BUSINESS" MOANS DAUGHTER OF SOMEONE FAMOUS: Leah Wood, daughter of Ronnie Wood, is right cheesed off with the music industry, slamming the people in charge of the companies as "idiots in suits." The reason? They've so far failed to award her band a recording contract - which means that why she's right, she's actually condemning them for one of the few decent decisions they've made in the post-Williams era.

Leah is determined that she's not going to use her Dad to beat the system, though: "I'm determined to get a deal without using Dad's influence." Although, of course, there is a subtle element of the 'I am not going to mention that my Dad is the famous Ronnie Wood of the Rolling Stones, oh no' about that. Mind you, it's likely Wood wouldn't be able to score himself a solo deal these days - the Stones have been shit since Undercover, and its only their back catalogue that keeps them able to sit down with label bosses come renegotiation time. We do, though, admire Leah Wood's steadfast refusal to trade on her famous name with her band, erm, The Leah Wood Group.

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