Thursday, May 06, 2004

"AND NOBODY IS GOING TO MOP DOWN THE ROLLERCOASTER BEFORE YOU RIDE IT, EITHER: Poor Michael Jackson; there he was, hoping a day trip to Six Flags Magic Mountain might take his mind off the seventy year prison sentence hanging over him, only to find that for some reason the amusement park management aren't quite so fawning as they once were. They refused to let him have a go before the park opened, and then said "No" when he asked for VIP treatment during opening hours. They feared they might generate bad publicity for themselves, although we're not sure why insisting that a man suspected of sexually abusing kids was told he couldn't be kept separate from the visiting public and would just have to mingle with all the families during the day is considered to be a PR coup is beyond us.

And what happened to Jacko's Cartmanland of his own? Has the management of Neverland barred him, too?

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