Thursday, May 06, 2004

BITTER MEN OF POP: Gilbert O'Sullivan, who doesn't wear the cap anymore, doesn't like Jonathan Ross over much, he tells The Sun:
I was watching Film 2004 in bed one night and Jonathan Ross was reviewing a Sofia Coppola film called The Virgin Suicides.
"A lot of these films have music in the background and in this particular movie we gave them permission to use Alone Again (Naturally). It was one of a dozen songs in the movie and they used about 30 seconds of it in a particular scene.
He reviewed the film and said: 'Gilbert O'Sullivan notwithstanding this is a good movie.' So what he was implying was that if my song wasn't in the film then it would have actually been better than it was.
I thought: 'Hang on a minute, if I was acting in the movie or involved in the production then criticise me. But for Christ's sake they only played 30 seconds of my record!'
Jonathan is a good broadcaster and if on his radio show he criticised me musically or called me an idiot, then I'd have no problem.
But that wasn't a good enough reason for him to have a go at me on a film programme and I deeply resented it.
I was a bit depressed about the whole thing and wrote to the producer to express my concerns. The producer wrote back and said Jonathan does put his foot in his mouth sometimes… I think he must have verrucas in there.
Now I won't go on his radio programme and I can do without him.

Despite Gilbert's claim he was watching Film 2004, we're assuming the most recent point Ross would have reviewed the movie would have been its UK DVD release in 2000, so that means that O'Sullivan is still brooding at great length over a flippant remark nearly half a decade ago about a snatch of music on film. It was a gag, Gilbert. A throwaway line. Let it go, lest it eats away at you.

We do like the "Well, I won't go on his radio programme" claim - I'd imagine Broadcasting House has a person dedicated to ringing him every day hoping he's relented...

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