Sunday, May 23, 2004

KNIGHT COUGHS UP: Death Row Records have been ordered to pay USD162,00 to Dwayne H. Baudy. Baudy had gone to the Con Am Studios in 2001 for a meeting when he was set upon by Suge Knight and his bodyguards. Baudy still walks with a stick as a result of the unprovoked attack.

In other bodyguard related legal news, an LA judge has ordered Britney Spear's staker drop the pert pointy pop princess from his lawsuit against her bodyguards. The stalker, Masahiko Shizawa was a little bit miffed that the bodyguards had pulled a gun on him simply because he was hanging around outside Spear's house, and had sent her love letters and pictures and creepy faxes and mails. The poor little lamb. The judge is going to allow the case against one of the bodyguards to proceed.

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