Sunday, May 23, 2004

SEE? THE DRUGS... THEY DON'T, YOU KNOW... WORK: MSNBC fills a quiet few hours in the backroom by knocking up a piece on addiction in rock music. You see, them rock stars ain't like you and me; oh, no, they have extra pressures. You think it's easy having to decide exactly which colour smartie you want picked out of the bowl night in, night out? You imagine that just because you can pretty much choose what empty sex you want to have that dfoesn't mean you know what it's like to be alone? Listen, pal, if you got fifty thousand for an evening's work, you'd be desperate to cram Vicodin down your neck at every opportunity. The article kicks off saying that in rock, it's almost expected that you'll have an addiction. It ends up saying that while addictions used to be cool, nowaday's it's the done thing to look after yourself and keep yourself healthy. We lost track of where the 180 degree turn took place, we were too busy warming up a spoonful of heroin smack.

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