Tuesday, May 18, 2004

PIXIES NEWS - IT'S BEEN A WHILE: Just before the Pixies reunited, Frank Black was hard at work pissing away his birthright ("reworking old Pixies tunes in an experimental style") for an album that was to have been called Frank Black Francis. The label who'd signed him up for this project, SpinArt, so far hasn't been able to anything firm about when this might all see the light of day beyond the admission that the originally planned Spring launch was looking a little unlikely now. While we can live without hearing Frank and Two Pale Boys re-arranging the Pixies songs, the album was to have been a double affair, the second disc full of pre-Pixies Frank Black stuff, and we'd quite like to have heard that. Mind you, if someone had asked us if we'd like to hear Frank Black and Teenage Fanclub working together, we'd have said yes, and look how that turned out.

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