Friday, May 28, 2004

RAPPING ABOUT DARTS IS LIKE... WELL, IT'S JUST WRONG, OKAY?: We can hardly contain our joy at the news that this chap is about to embark on a solo career:

Lee Ryan has let himself go a bit

Yes, Phil Taylor - or Phil "The Power" Taylor is about to try and make the leap from athlete (well, darts player) to pop star, with a rap about how tricky it is being a darts champion. In a way, we hope he's a success, so the TOTP production crew can back project a giant picture of Kevin Rowland on the big screens when he's on. And why shouldn't he have a hit? He wouldn't be the first overweight, glorified tosser from Stoke to have a Top Ten single, would he?

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Amy said...

Your constant Williams-baiting never fails to crack me up. Keep up the good work. :D

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