Monday, May 24, 2004

SHE WOULD BE, THEN, THE DANCING QUEEN: We're really excited about the news that the Queen doesn't just own Abba records, but sometimes "moves" to them, according to a palace insider - we're not sure if she does a jig or just sits and rocks in her chair.

The best thing about the story is the speculation that the Queen might try to get the free tickets Charles has scored for Mamma Mia off him - because that's likely, isn't it? The richest woman in the UK trying to pinch a couple of back row seats for a West End musical off her son - "and I'd really appreciate it, mother, if you must take my Woodbines, at least buy a packet yourself once in a while." Besides which, it's the Queen. I think she could probably ring the box office and negotiate a small discount for herself if she really wanted to go - "one does hate to pull rank, but are you aware one does all the prosecutions in this realm, young lady? One thought that might make a difference. Leave the tickets on the door, one will be the woman in the large crown and ermine."

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