Saturday, May 29, 2004

THEY REALLY DO THINK IT'S GOOD PR: That's what puzzles us most about the RIAA lawsuits - despite not making any impact on file sharing, they really do seem convinced that bringing all these legal actions is sending out a valuable message and making them look like fair-minded folks just trying to protect their farm. But how on earth can demanding half a million bucks from a single Mum on a twelve dollars an hour wage for music her daughter downloaded make the music industry seem anything like coldhearted, greedy cunts? How much music is this kid supposed to have "stolen" to tot up to 500,000? If we take the music industry's belief that 99 cents is a fair price for a track, that's getting on for forty-two thousand albums' worth of music - what sort of fucking computer has this girl got at her home? She must have an iPod the size of a small fridge to cope with the hard drive space. And yet, despite being an obviously fraudulent demand for money with menaces, the RIAA thinks that saying "give us four thousand bucks and we'll keep it out of court" shows them as being reasonable - jesus, why doesn't Cary Sherman just turn up at the woman's home with a bottle of cheap wine and sweat on his upper brow, suggesting "there are other ways of paying off your debt, love... make yourself pretty and we can make all this go away..."?

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