Saturday, May 29, 2004

BURN DOWN THE NATIONAL FRONT DISCO: Now, see, all that silly fighting for all those years because Morrissey wouldn't say if he was racist or not - it could all have been avoided so simply. Despite saying the question of his like or dislike of fascism was facile, Mozzer has finally taken a stand, signing a petition to encourage people to vote in the London Assembly elections to try and keep the BNP out of power. (So, by the way, have Adem; Benrard Butler, Ed Chemical Brother; Cinema; Clearlake; Damien Rice; The Datsuns; David Gray; Dan Martin from Electric 6; Four Tet (Kieron Hebden); Franz Ferdinand; Future Pilot AKA; The Glitterati; Hood; Hot Chip; James Yorkston and The Athletes; Jarvis Cocker; King Creosote and The Fence Collective; Kings Of Leon; Ladytron; The Libertines; Suggs and Madness; Max Tundra; Morrissey; Orbital; Peaches; Saint Etienne; The Strokes; Teenage Fanclub and X is Loaded).

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