Saturday, May 01, 2004

THEY'LL BE FIGHTING BACKSTAGE OVER WHO GETS TO PLAY DIFFERENT DRUM: We, of course, seldom venture outside our own frontdoors - the reward for striking out is having to beg your landlady to unlock the payphone so you can hook up a laptop for a few minutes and a fifteen mile tailback on the A34 - but if we did go out, Planet of Sound would tempt us - May 15th, at Asylum in London, it's a vaguely Pixies-themed one-off event dedicated to independent rock from the period when the band walked the earth. Of course, setting up "1987-1992" parameters not only guarantees a lot of good music (we can't help but shake the certainty they're just going to get everyone in a big time bus and take people to the Krazy House in 1993) but also there's plenty of scope for the indie trainspotter in you to wait and watch to see if the djs - Rory Phillips, Valeire Gayrimond, Nick Nyro and Sean Turner - slip up and play something from 1994 or something. It's like watching Troy to see if you can spot an extra with a digital watch on. Or something.

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