Sunday, May 02, 2004

HOPE I DIE BEFORE THE WORLD TONIGHT: Roger Daltrey's not a happy man. He's hacked off by the people in charge of radio - specifically, Radio 4. In a curious rant, he moaned about how they "fucked up" the network by moving The Archers - something that happened about five years ago. And we're not sure why it should bother Daltrey that the BBC moved moved one of the broadcasts of the programme by fifteen minutes - it was a pain for people who'd listen during their lunchtime when it moved to 2.00pm, but it's not like he's going to be forced to get back to his workstation at 1.55, is it? Besides, doesn't everybody use 'listen again' to choose their own time to hear The Archers now? Maybe Roger should ask a friend who knows about computers to show him how to do that - Pete Townsend could perhaps lend a hand. He seems to know how to use a browser.

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