Sunday, May 02, 2004

INFAMY, INFAMY, THEY'VE ALL GOT IT IN FOR ME: We always thought Warners desperate bid to try and pretend the fact they were calling Madonna's label a cash-sapping pain in the ass wouldn't affect their working relationship with the former pop star was a bit of a desperate hope - like Seymour Skinner trashing his mother in public and then whispering "We're still going antiquing Saturday, right?" to her - and so it turns out. Madonna hasn't taken the demands for her to pay squillions to cover the cost of piles of unsold Tyler Hilton and Home Town Hero albums that well, and Warner's "but we can still be friends" has been thrown back in their face. In fact, she's called Warners suit "nothing short of treason". As our man in the capital David McIntosh asks: "So does she consider herself a nation, a sovereign or perhaps both? Will a successful legal action result in the death penalty for Warner bosses? Or is she just a ridiculously self-important pop star without a dictionary? We should be told."

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