Thursday, May 27, 2004

TINT MIX TAPES GONE TOO CRAVEN: Dan Kois over at Slate has some fun pulling apart the celebrity playlists on iTunes:

"You know what other music celebrities love? U2. Dylan. Clapton. Nirvana. Hendrix. It turns out musicians pretty much like the same music as everyone else....
The worst of the bunch are those celebrity playlists padded with the celebrity's own songs, epitomized by the queen of the craven playlist, Beyoncé Knowles. Eight of the 14 songs on Beyoncé's playlist are performed by her thin-voiced sister, Solange, by her former bandmates in Destiny's Child, or by Beyoncé herself."

But, as Kiril, who brough this to our attention points out, this is the money shot:

"And I can't think of a better summation of Avril Lavigne than her exegesis of Alanis Morissette's "Ironic": "I love how this song was written with all the different examples Alanis uses of things being ironic."

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