Thursday, May 27, 2004

WE LOVE PATTI SMITH: Of all the band mailouts, none make us scroll through our mailouts as the ones from Patti Smith. And this sort of thing is the reason why:

i would be amiss if i didn't mention that yesterday was Bob Dylan's birthday. It's a good day to throw open the shutters, put on The Times They Are A Changin' and take those worn, encrusted boots out of the closet or from under the bed and give them a good cleaning. There have been times in history when men have tramped trough the ice and snow, or manned the trenches, the soles of their shoes nearly gone, young soldiers, under Washington, Lee or Napoleon with no foot covering at all. So it is good to show appreciation for our well trodden soles.

So, as we sail off to Spain we send a salute to Bob. My trusty boots await and when we return I shall resume my quest for the perfect laces.

We don't yet know her feelings on Ironic.

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