Sunday, May 02, 2004

VOD KO - MTV RIP?: No wonder MTV was desperately trying to force independent labels to give them their music for virtually nothing and has ripped up its local formats - there's a looming danger that could threaten to wipe out music TV as we know in the near future and it's probably that Viacom are trying to squeeze out the most value from MTV in the couple of years it has left in its current form. Universal Records has signed a deal with the crappily named Gotuit Media in the States to pilot a video on demand service over digital cable, which effectively is laying down the basics to allow anyone with a TV and a remote to choose their own music videos when they want to see them. You know, like The Box used to offer until everyone twigged that, really, no matter what time of day you rang up you'd probably never actually get to see the video you chose; except with this system, it really is music television you control. Expect more MTV retrenching and a lot more sub-moron Jackass style programming.

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