Thursday, June 03, 2004

AND THROW AWAY THE KEY...: We're absolutely delighted with the news that the heads of Sony or BMG could soon wind up behind bars, if Camden Council has their way - they're now seeking anti-social behaviour orders to try and stamp out flyposting, which, if breached, could result in a custodial sentence rather than the current GBP2,500 fine. Now, we're not as quite anti-flyposting as Camden - we don't see why quite so much effort is put into making sure abandoned petrol stations, boarded up shops and building sites aren't cheered up and the local culture given a helping hand - but we've noticed more and more that companies which don't need to flypost are taking up more and more wall space - a couple of small ads promoting a local gig is one thing, but for a multimillion company to try and shift its product on the cheap always did look tacky. And, as the Guardian leader points out, it's a little bit rich for the RIAA/BPI companies to indulge in this illegal activity:

The most amusing thing about Camden's action is that the music industry has been loudly demanding tough action against unauthorised music downloading over the internet. Yet the record labels' nocturnal flyposting shows they are just as willing to hitch a free ride.

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