Saturday, June 12, 2004

BACK ON THE WIRELESS, BACK ON THE GRAVEYARD SLOT: "I've waited twenty years to have a jingle like that - that's the first time I've heard my name slightly misprounced by over-paid session singers from LA..." Mark Radcliffe started his Radio Two show this Monday, kicking off his show with some fun at the expense of Radio Two's standard jingle package (it's never been entirely clear why Radio 2 has managed to overhaul its image so completely without doing anything about its station identifiers, which still sound like they're designed to sit in the Pete Murray show). Then he played True Faith by New Order ("if you don't like this, you don't like music").

The show owes quite a lot to the old Radio One night-time show - even down to Iain MacMillan and Simon Armitage doing regular slots - although for the first night, it was Shelley off Corrie doing the honours. It also boasts the first ever radio feature named after Wylie-Cope-MacCulloch's Crucial Three; Mac popped up on the first night explaining the legend of the band that never quite was to introduce the glorified three-in-a-row feature; his tale was slightly hamstrung by his unwillingness to even utter Julian Cope's name these days.

The programme is available through the delights of Listen Again on that there BBC Radio Player (as endorsed in those irritating 'World Wide Wonderland' ads) - Monday's debut show can be accessed by pasting into your RealPlayer (until the next Monday show, at least).

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