Friday, June 11, 2004

'BEST YEAR EVAH' SAYS JACK: Jack White doesn't seem too fussed that he managed to mangle a bloke's face, or, if he is, it hasn't stopped this year being his best year ever:

I've gotten the chance to play with or be on the same stage with Bob Dylan, Loretta Lynn, Beck, Jeff Beck, David Bowie, Iggy Pop. These are things that would never occur to me that they would ever be possible, let alone have my favourite aspect be acknowledged and able to share that with an audience.

He went on to say that doing the Loretta Lynn album was the best of all:

"I couldn't believe they let me do it. We got really, really close to the real Loretta making that record."

Yeah, Jack, I think the whole of the internet heard rumours to that effect. We never did find out how Loretta managed to throw her back out, did we?

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