Wednesday, June 02, 2004

CHRISTINA AGUILERA: THE KRUSTY THE CLOWN OF THE POP WORLD: No, not because she looks ridiculous and never appears in public without make-up... oh, alright, but as well: she's clearly planning to follow Krusty in slapping her name on any product she can, having just filed 450 trademark claims with the US patent office:

"Among the products and brands she seeks to protect are Christina Aguilera contact lenses, crayons and anti-perspirants; Christina Aguilera badminton sets, ski wear and body shapers; and Christina Aguilera panties, modeling clay and - I blush to imagine it - electronic multipleactivity toys."

Badminton sets? Will you have Christina's face on your shuttlecock?
Slightly disturbingly, her trademark lawyer (hey, you think those cease-and-desist letters to the makers of Christina Meaty Chunks send themselves?) says:

"The goodwill associated with her name could be used to brand a huge variety of goods and services. She's a personality that is relevant not only to the higher teens and 20s, but also to kids."

Yeah, who wouldn't want to send their eight year olds to school with this lunchbox:

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