Saturday, June 05, 2004

COWBOYS PICK WINDY 'UNS: No, no, no, Cowboy Junkies - while there's much to applaud in your top ten british punk songs ever selections, how on earth could you put Anarchy in the UK first? Higher than I Found That Essence Rare? You've got to be kidding - it's like doing a top ten restaurants and putting McDonalds ahead of Villa Romana on Wood Street, Liverpool.


Anonymous said...

Surely the bigger crime here is calling The Birthday Party British... have they all given up their Australian passports then?

Anonymous said...

Surely the biggest travesty of all is nary a mention of The Damned? The whole list's a bit of a f***-up if you ask me. But then again, that's what these lists are supposed to be about, isn't it.

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