Wednesday, June 09, 2004

DANNII DENIES IT ALL: The spare Minogue sister is quite good at releasing statements which offer a fresh perspective on news stories - you'll recall the one where she suggested that maybe her political viewpoints were just a little too subtle for the editor of the Independent to follow - so it's not really any surprise that she's rushed out a press release to deny being dumped by Warners. Oddly, despite Warners dropping a whopping portion of their acts, it was mutual consent:

"Contrary to the stories circulating in the press about Dannii's record deal being terminated by Warner Music, it was infact a mutually agreed decision to end their partnership. The decision came due to changes in personnel at London Records and the departure of the incredible team that Dannii had worked with over the past four years. Dannii has nearly completed her follow up album to the gold-selling Neon Nights , which will become her 5th studio album. Neon Nights was Dannii's biggest selling album to date spawning four Top 10 singles in the UK including I Begin To Wonder (No.2) and Who Do You Love Now? (No.3). The album also sold well across Europe and Australia (Gold) and a prominent breakthrough was made in the US. Dannii has already had interest from a number of record companies and is looking forward to releasing her new material very soon".

What we especially love about this is the dwindling level of evidence of just how great Dannii is doing - they mention an album which managed a couple of singles that did well, but they mention it went Gold in Australia - no such indication of it selling even as much as that anywhere else.

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