Thursday, June 24, 2004

FESTIVAL OPENS TO DOWNPOUR, TRICKLE: The gates to Glastonbury are open, although there's not much of a rush to get in yet. A festival spokesperson described the not-entirely-overwhelming grand opening: "it was very slow in the first hour, so much so that it was a bit worrying,' the spokesman said.

Worrying? Why would that be, exactly? It's not like they're exactly relying on walk-up, is it? "Oh god, what if nobody shows up? Will McCartney be playing to an empty field?" It's not as if the weather was great - how many people are going to want to take an extra day off work simply so they can camp in the pouring rain for an extra night?

Mind you, wouldn't it be funny if nobody did show up? We did notice during Colin and Edith's live Glastonbury Calling last night that there didn't seem to be many people wandering round the field yesterday evening, either.

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