Friday, June 04, 2004

HANG ON LASSES, AMERICA'S CALLING: The Sugababes must have been delighted to discover that, just as they thought they'd never have to see each other's pouty faces ever again, their management have decided to capitalise on their "success" in America - Hole in my Head has entered the Hot 100 at, erm, 98. So the leaky Sugababes boat is being forced to punt across the water. Yep, shutting Mutya and Heidi up in airplane together. That'll work.

Mis-Teeq are apparently doing "well" (comparatively well, compared to say, Robbie or Kylie) with a top 60 hit. Oddly, Busted are also having a crack at the US, but they've elected to start in the same way as in the UK, with the two-year old That's What I Go To School For. Blimey, and they think the Harry Potter cast are getting too old to play schoolkids... the Americans are going to think it's a revival of Please Sir.

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