Sunday, June 06, 2004

MONEY FOR JAZZ: There's trouble brewing in Scotland, where jazz fans are pissed off that they receive a very small slice of the government funding for music compared to the number of people who like jazz (although there could be a counter argument that if jazz is able to delight 13 per cent of the Scottish population, it should be able to gather enough cash from them to keep saxophonists in Duraglit and reeds). Whatever, calls are now going up for the Scottish Arts Council to share its money out across more genres of music - at present, over half the bunce disappears into the back pockets of Scottish Opera, with the emphasis on "disappears." Of course, while being a bit fairer with the cash makes sense, you can understand the reluctance of the SAC to start giving more popular music state support - go down that route, and you'll end up funding one-man tours by Jim Kerr and Pat Kane from Hue and Cry.

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