Tuesday, June 01, 2004

NO SURPRISES: The full Glasto line-up has been confirmed, and apart from the Levellers headlining one stage, there's probably nothing you've not heard rumoured before. The Levellers? Blimey. Pity you can't get rid of the tickets on Ebay, eh, kids?

Surprise additions this year include 1970s disco act Sister Sledge and soul veteran James Brown.
Oasis, Sir Paul and Muse will headline the main Pyramid stage on Friday, Saturday and Sunday respectively.
The English National Opera will perform part of Wagner's Ring Cycle with a 90-piece orchestra on the final day.
Oasis will follow Kings of Leon, PJ Harvey and Groove Armada on Friday, while the Chemical Brothers, DJ Dave Clarke and the Levellers head other stages.
Basement Jaxx, Zero 7 and Hothouse Flowers are among headliners in the festival's nine performance areas on Saturday.
Indie rock act Muse will follow Morrissey on Sunday 27 June
Morrissey will precede Muse on Sunday, when dance duo Orbital will give their final performance before splitting up after 15 years.
Franz Ferdinand, Scissor Sisters, Goldfrapp, Snow Patrol, Chicks on Speed and GoldieLookinChain also feature among the hundreds of confirmed performers.

The joy of these things, of course, lays in the lower ratings of the further flung stages, which is why we're hoping the new bands stage gets flung onto the BBC Press Red coverage.


Aaron said...

Have you noticed that Television and Spiritualized are heading the new bands tent! Gets more absurd every year.

jill said...

Mark Gardener (ex Ride) is also playing on the new band stage. They should rename it the 'not so new bands trying to reinvent themselves' stage

Simon said...

Morrissey behind Muse? Kings Of Leon ahead of PJ Harvey? Goldfrapp on after Franz Ferdinand? Black Eyed Peas between Macca and Starsailor? Ozomatli following Goldie Lookin Chain? What kind of nuts scheduling is this?

Still, Toots And The Maytals headlining over both Stone and Cullum, so not all bad.

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Mmm... "new bands" is, of course, a fruity new euphemism for 'third choice' - while there's something bucaneering and alternative sounding about "the second stage", "third stage" would kind of imply "stinking up the place a bit."

And Cullum there at all is just horrifying - I know that no matter how the casual viewer at home leaps from channel to channel, at some point we're going to catch him being interviewed by Jo Whylie. I'm shuddering already.

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