Wednesday, June 30, 2004

OH... THAT WOULD BE WHY SHE'S NOT BOTHERED ABOUT A STEPS REUNION: We'd quite like to apologise for giving the impression that Lisa Scott-Lee might have been knocking back a Steps reuinion because she cared about quality and value and such.

Actually, it turns out that she doesn't at all - she's flogged her wedding and first year of married life to MTV for what's claimed to be quarter of a million pounds - yeah, right - to make a UK version of Newlyweds. In America, they got Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey. In the UK, we're going to have the brillo pads of truth scrub our eyeballs as Lisa marries Johnny Shentall, the ringer brought into Hear'Say towards the end - the musical equivalent of giving a donkey's lung to an already dead man. Even if they were filming the wedding night, you wouldn't be interested, would you?

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