Wednesday, June 09, 2004

PINK TURNS APPLE BLUE: Pink has got Apple FM into trouble. The station - a satellite service, it seems - has been criticised by Ofcom for playing a version of God is a DJ with the f-word in it. Apple blustered that they checked all songs for rude bits, but tried to shift blame onto someone else - they told ofcom they were appealing to record companies to include a warning on record covers that some tracks might contain explicit lyrics.

Which is all well and good, except...

Parental advisory

... there is a warning on the record cover that some tracks contain explicit lyrics.


Aaron said...

It's good to see Ofcom has time on its hands... I mean, for the love of God (as a DJ or not) - who cares about what happens on a minor Satellite radio station.

On a similar note, I'm sick and tired of having to hear warnings on Radio 1 that there might be a bit of swearing on the John Peel show/Breezeblock - they seem to be happening much more regularly recently.

Amy said...

I'm actually willing to suffer those Radio 1 announcements, because it means that Peel or Mary Anne don't have to watch their mouths or their playlists. And quite right too.

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

I did hear Peel saying they were a "legal requirement" - I suspect that the problem may now lay in Radio One's average audience age being so young they can't quite get away with "it's late night, there might be swearing"; on the other hand, it's not too long before we'll have an announcement "John Peel - this programme has been rated 18R. Young people switch off now."

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