Tuesday, June 01, 2004

POPWORLD WORLD?: Channel 4 and Simon Fuller are rumoured to be palling up in a bid to spin the Popworld brand much, much further than the bit blokes watch while they're waiting for Hollyoaks to come on of a Sunday - the TV station is looking to make Popworld a global brand, and it wants Fuller's help. Apparently, they're impressed by what he's done with Pop Idol, and don't really realise that Pop Idol and Popworld, despite both starting with 'pop', are slightly different beasts: Pop Idol is a format, while Popworld seems to not really exist as anything very defined: it seems to exist entirely on the shoulders of its presenters. Anyway, the attempts to slaughter the goose are going to kick off with a Popworld Radio Station, which is an excellent idea: you couldn't accuse Channel 4 of launching a product into an already completely overcrowded market there, could you?

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