Monday, June 14, 2004

THE RELICS OF THE SAINTS: The Saints, one of the touchstone bands of punk, are about to be recorded through a box set collecting everything they ever recorded in their 18 month career.

The band only stuck around for eighteen months, before it was killed off by what mainman Chris Bailey sees as a chain reaction kicked off by a lack of interest by EMI (some things never change):

"It all came down to producing an image to go with the product; what I think happened, EMI lost interest because they thought they were buying one thing and of course they got another; management lost interest because EMI lost interest; the group was very young in a lot of respects, and quite green; there were internal squabbles which there always are amongst children; and Ed Kuepper and I didn't like London very much."

All three studio albums, the live set 'Live in London' and rarities make up the collection, titled 'All Things Through Paradise.' Of course, it's coming out on EMI.

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