Wednesday, June 09, 2004

THERE'S NO AYE-AYE IN TEMA: Tatu are back! Again! Or something. Only this time, they're not called Tatu, they're rebranding themselves tEmA, partly because former pervmanager Ivan Shapovalov owns the Tatu name, and partly because they're coming out as straight and so This Girl Loves That Girl doesn't really work as a name any more. Yes, they weren't lesbians at all - can you believe it? Apparently the girls are keen to be seen as serious mus... no, sorry, for some reason I just completely lost interest.


Anonymous said...

Don't ask why I know this - it'd only upset you, petal.

Direct quote from

Tatu did not change their name and did not release new songs

The information about a change of name (it was said earlier that group "Tatu" was changing their name to "t.E.M.a.") and about a new song "Who, If Not Me?" are incorrect. According to the press attache of the group Alexandra Tityanko, "Tatu" is and will stay group "Tatu". They don't intend to break up or change their name. As for the song "Who, If Not Me?", it is not from "Tatu".


Eleanor G

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Eleanor, I shall not probe your reasons for knowing this about Tatu.

Isn't the problem the question of 'is Tatu the two girls who were the band, or is it merely a brand that the two girls were previously'?

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