Friday, July 16, 2004

AH, BUT WAS IT WORTH HIS HEALTH: It may have broken his heart, but at least David Bowie's world tour managed a bumper payday before it all got called off. The North American leg of Bowie's jaunt was the top-grossing US live event in the six months to May 18th, pulling in USD45.4million from the 722,158 paying customers. No, we don't know what's special about May 18th - maybe its rock midsummer. Second place? Bette Midler on forty million; then Simon & Garfunkel (36m), Shania Twain (34m - and that's just one leg), Prince (26m), Rod Stewart (25m), Metallica (22m) the Beyonce- Alicia Keys - Missy Elliot package (19m) equalling Britney Spears (19m) and George Strait banking 16m.

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