Monday, July 19, 2004

AND THIS IS A DEFENCE?: So, Jay Kay out of Jamiroquai has been caught speeding again, this time in Central Scotland. And, with several offences already notched up against him, Jay Kay had better have a really good reason for tearing along at 105mph. And he has, right? Erm... right:

"I'd set out early in the morning but had become stuck behind slow moving traffic on the single-carriageway road. That meant I had been traveling for four hours at an average of about 30 miles an hour by this stage. I was not driving a fast sports car but a four-wheel drive vehicle which meant I wanted to make the most of this overtaking opportunity. I appreciate the maximum penalty for this offense could lead to the loss of my license and this is a matter of grave concern to me."

So, there you have it: He was speeding because he wasn't driving a sports car. How could anyone take away the lad's licence on that basis, eh?

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