Monday, July 19, 2004

ENOUGH, NOW: We generally feel that 6Music is a good thing, and it makes us feel that there's more to paying the licence fee than just upsetting Rupert Murdoch (although sixty-odd pence a day to piss off Murdoch has got to be money well spent in anyone's book). And we love that the BBC support the network enough to actually promote it properly - we haven't forgotten how the old Radio Five was allowed to die starved of promotion pretty much after its first couple of weeks on air. Even so, we're getting a little bit sick of seeing the Phil Juiptus Breakfast Show trail at every bloody programme junction. Come on, 6Music is littered with treasures - The Collins, Gideon Coe, Lammo - why focus purely (and repeatedly) on just Phil Juiptus? We're not convinced his profile is very much higher than many of his peers - Andrew Collins was, of course, recently invited to choose his Perfect World for readers of the MK review, which is worth three appearances on Never Mind The Buzzcocks. And he might not have been a regular on It's Only TV But I Like It, but - hey - Telly Addicts, right?

The advert doesn't even make sense to us - we think the idea is meant to be that it's like he's doing the show from his living room, but since the coffee mug and dog are in the "studio" when he arrives there, does it mean he lives at 6Music? And if he does, why does he go out and drive round in a circle to get there? Is it - like Mike in Neighbours, Guy Pearce's first major acting job, he's been thrown out of his house by his evil Dad and so is sneaking in to sleep in the studio (or, of course, Daphne's coffee shop?) and having to sneak out and then re-enter so nobody knows? Although having a bloody great glass window looking in to the room might give his colleagues a clue, surely? Has he merely forgotten that he's at the studio - perhaps all those episodes of Buzzcocks are taking their toll on him, and he first he forgets to go home at the end of one show, and then, twenty hours later, forgets he's already at the studio? And, most important of all, if he's such a great DJ, why does he take the Cure off mid-verse?

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