Sunday, July 11, 2004

ANOTHER CUP OF T: So, The Darkness suddenly found themselves headling T yesterday, simply by virtue of Bowie's dodgy ticker keeping him out the frontline. Which, however much you love the Darkness, can't help but feel like a really rubbish deal: a legend with forty years worth of mostly pretty good material behind him, or a band with one mostly pretty good album to work with. What made it worse was the Darkness repeating their big error from the Brit Awards: totally overselling themselves in advance. While we didn't believe Justin Hawkin's claims in the morning's Daily Record that he was going to be wearing GBP20,000 worth of catsuit, we were at least expecting something a bit special. Instead, we did get a costume change - from a very horrible looking silver twin-piece, something a heroin-addled hooker from the future might have rejected as being too cheap and nasty for a working costume, into what appeared to be a Newcastle United lesiure catsuit. Maybe there was something else he slipped into in a bit not shown on the BBC catalogue, but at the moment, we'd be hard pressed to see how he spent more than fifty quid on the pair. The set? Yeah, it's as polished as you'd expect from a band who've been playing the same songs over and over again for the last sixteen years. We know they're busy winning hearts and minds in the states, but, please: Could we have something new, now, boys?

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