Tuesday, July 13, 2004

CASTRATI OF THOUSANDS: You might have thought, the odd Dana International aside, once an Israeli Eurovision singer has done their three minutes, you'll never hear from them again. And so it has been, until David Daor went to see Shrek 2 and winced as they implied he had no bollocks. The Hebrew soundtrack of the film includes the line "let's do a David Daor" on him, which the high-pitched singer didn't find amusing:

"This film intends to present me, in perpetuity, as a eunuch, a man with no testicles, and turn me into a laughing stock," he squealed.

The Israeli courts have agreed with him - really, you'd have thought they might have more important things to worry about, like illegal walls - and have instructed the film to be withdrawn pending a re-dub.

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