Friday, July 23, 2004

THE CLOSEST THINGS TO CRAZIES: Unfortunately, Ebay seem to have pulled the Katie Melua stalkers kit which was being offered on Ebay - times of her flights, places she'd be staying, and so on. "Friends" said the none-more-New-Woman singer was really frightened information like that could be used by people who wanted to gather around gawking at her, trying to touch her shapely buttocks, and so on.

We ought to warn her of another website which seems to be dedicated to detailing her movements. Something should be done.


Anonymous said...

That'll teach the daft bint to release an album titled Call Off The Search.

...98, 99, 100. *folds stalker list*
Found you...

JVK said...

Who is Katie Melua?

No really, I don't know! My policy of only listening to Peely, Charlie Gillett and Gary Crowley is working, ha ha.

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